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To start this post, I would like to apologize to you my readers(if there are any 😦 ) if i have not been posting lately because of my internship, thesis and of course preparing this blog, my baby to be moved to my own domain and renovate the whole site but don’t worry my past posts will still be there. Yes! you read that right, I finally have my own domain and hosting that I got for FREE, YEHEY!!!!! Thank you Hostinger Philippines for this wonderful gift.

And because I’m really happy of this occurring, I’m sharing this same opportunity with you my dear readers who wants to have their own domain for their blog or for their business and other purposes. If you have visited my Facebook page IamMarj or we are friends in Facebook then you might have seen a post of mine about this and if you have not yet been to my page you can still go there and see that post. And while your at it, if you have not yet like my page please like it please please please, thank you in advance mwaaah 🙂

Free Hosting

But before I tell you how, I will share to you first how I stumble upon this free gift from Hostinger.

I stumbled this one when I opened my business email and saw that I received an email from Hostinger Philippines saying


Hottest offer in Hostinger history so far – FREE .xyz domains!

Only on Hostinger and for a limited time! Now you can get any .xyz domain for free!!

Whether you are Generation X

who believe that everyone can utilize the internet.

Whether you are Generation Y

who believe that the internet makes life easier and help people close to friends and family.

Whether you are Generation Z

who believe that the internet can help people learn, connect with others and change the world.

This is an exceptional offer so it has some rules:

1. You must fill valid details needed for domain registration (name, address, etc.)

2. Only 1 (one) .xyz domain is provided per client.

3. If your domain gets canceled for invalid details there is no second chance at getting free .xyz domain.

Now it is your chance to be a part of the Generation XYZ. Join now and get your .xyz domain for FREE! Click here to register:



We also offer best prices of shared hosting and VPS hosting plans for your needs. Hostinger is the most optimal hosting service for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and your PHP based websites / apps – only now, you can grab the top level .XYZ domain name for FREE and connect it with our premium web hosting using 40% discount!

Or get it for free

Visit our Facebook page

Share the big news with your friends, and we will give 12 months of PREMIUM hosting for one lucky person every day!

Getting the discount is very easy:

1. Login to Hostinger members area at

2. Order any premium hosting plan, domain registration or VPS server.

3. Enter the coupon code: SALE40

We wish you an adventurous, successful and productive week!

Hostinger Philippines

My first reaction was of course THRILLED and really giddy that I went to their site right away and have myself registered and get my free domain. But in the heights of my excitement I was also a bit scared because their might be a fine that I did not see and if my domain got registered I might receive a bill of payments and also it says that if I entered an incorrect data my domain will not be registered meaning I missed out the opportunity. But the truth is I was not yet ready to move my blog from free hosted domain to my own payed domain because of lots of things (maybe I will make another blogpost about me being a newbie in blogging and my discoveries and fears in having a registered domain and paying a hefty amount of money, do you want that???if you do please leave a comment below, thanks 🙂 ). So after that, I literally forgot about it as always, hoooh I’m so forgetful now a days, until I received an email in my blog email (yes I have two emails, one for business and school while the other one is for this blog only 🙂 ) saying that my domain purchase has been successful. Yasss!!!!!

My reaction to that is really a big OMG and a squeal that turned out to shouting YES YES YES!! ahahahah. I immediately went to my account to in Hostinger if it is true. After realizing that it is true, I immediately created my hosting and chose free since I’m still do not have a budget yet, maybe a sponsor will do but anyho  that day was Oct,26, 2015. And yesterday, was I got a confirmation saying the hosting I requested is now activated and ready to use. As you can see if you visit my future new link you will see a direction my Hostinger saying I can start adding my files to the site now.Aahahaha, anyway I will change that one to site under construction.

Back to the gift, here’s how to get your’s: just click the banner below and it will redirect you to their login/registration page. fill up the form and follow the instruction after that it will say that the account will be activated 2 or more business days so I guess you just have to wait if your domain is activated or not.

Free Hosting

So what are you waiting for take the opportunity and have your free domain hurry and do it now because it’s for a limited time only. But I warn you guys, don’t get your hopes to high, if i were you follow what i did cause if you think more about it, nothing hurts the most than being disappointed. So enjoy it and do not take it personally, if you’re account gets activated come back here and comment below your experiences and if you don’t you can also come back here and wait for me to share another opportunity or if you don’t like you can explore by yourself. But in my experience with my friends, all of us got our domains activated so there’s hope guys 🙂 God bless in your registration guys.

Actually Hostinger encourages us to write this in our blog or website but I don’t want to share this information to you guys yet without proof that’s how much I love you my readers because I want the best for everyone and not just to myself.

Once I have finished my new layout and move my blog to my own domain, I will let you guys know right away.

****Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All the contents are based on my experience of joining the gift giving and contest.


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