Hamsters with <3

I have always been fond of cute animals and it’s one of my dream and bucket list for 2016 to have one.The kind of animal that I want to have is a dog any breed would do. Since I grew up with lots of dogs in our store/house before; I grew fond of them and their so cute and protective and loving (hay, I miss my childhood friend Black Jack and Brownie). As I stated above, Im very fond of cute animals and not so cute animals but there are lost of them that I have not seen before because the zoo that I went to has only limited animals and most of them are dangerous and not at all cute. Last Oct. 11, 2015, one of my dabarkads kuya G asked me to tag along with him to Parkmall located in Mandaue to witness an animal show. I said yes without thinking too much cause I really want to see so many cute animals gathered together especially dogs. And one of my friend told me that a lot of dog lovers goes to Parkmall every weekend or everyday hahaha I don’t know. That got me more excited.

When we arrived both of us look like hell because we just walked from I don’t where we were dropped off by the jeep and had to walk for a very long time under the hit of the sun just to arrive there. 

me1 me2

And honestly I’ve never been to Parkmall so I guess it was worth the walk.

When we got there my good friend doesn’t know the venue either so we walked and ask some people were the venue is and when we arrived .. Tada!!! there were lots of birds and animal products.I guess there was a bird contest that time since most of the cages have ribbons in them and a number. I got sad because there were no dogs around but I did not tell my friend cause he was quite excited to get to the place where they sell HAMSTERS, yes hamsters. In truth I’ve never seen one before except for the cartoon show I used to watch when I was little called “Hamtaro”, do you guys still remember this show ^_^ . My friend has lots of hamster and his looking for a female because the other female that he got died because the cat ate her tsss what was worse was that the hamster was pregnant (how sad 😦 😦 😦 ). 

me7 me4 me3IMG_2026

Ahh love birds  ❤ ☺


Type of birds  <(“) 


Below were the types of hamsters present and their description as much as my memory serves me right 😜


This hamsters are called Teddy Bear for a purpose because they are the biggest hamsters I have ever seen and their fur are like that of rugged teddy bears. Anyway, this are the jolly ones who keep on looking for ways to escape the plastic box to go to the other side.



Now this hamsters are the type that does not want to be hold. I mean literally because when I hold one of them up it bit me and their bite really tickles. There was one kid their that tried to hold that hamster and he threw it right away after like 5 second because it bit him too. Poor little hamster too, he was so small to be thrown like that. So next time if you ever come accross this type of hamster please be really careful. They’re the ones that loves to run in their hamster wheel. Yup they are very very cute and I decided to have one after graduation when I have my own place already.

IMG_2031 IMG_2032


This type of hamsters are the ones I called “the lazy hamsters” because when I saw them they were like literally sleeping, all of them. They’re the smallest one also and they looks so cute sleeping. If you have no knowledge that they were hamsters you would have thought they were just some fluffy designs because their heads are hidden.

IMG_2047 IMG_2037 me8 me9

There also stalls selling animal needs like cage, shampoo and etc.

IMG_2068 IMG_2069

There was also a vet present just incase an animal got into trouble like health or other things that the vet can solve. There’s this little hamster who was like having difficulty to move that the store owner let the doctor check him. Poor little one, hope he gets better soon 🙂

IMG_2070 IMG_2072

When it was time for us to go home. I saw this … 👇 OOoooohh, why so cute little and big doggies ☺ ☺ ☺ I wanna have one already 😭 😭 😭 My disappointment was lifted because of this PETography Exhibit near the escalator. It so sad I don’t have a pet dog. I want my pet to be on that exhibit too. Maybe next time.

 IMG_2079 IMG_2084

IMG_2080 IMG_2082 IMG_2083

Since it’s my first time in Parkmall I asked my friend if we could explore the place before going home. The place is so picturesque hehehe.



IMG_2088 IMG_2089 IMG_2091 IMG_2092 IMG_2093

Wishing Koi Fish

IMG_2094 IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2104 IMG_2106

Practicing my water bending skills. LOL hahahaha


Hope you guys enjoyed meeting the cute hamsters. Are you a pet lover like me, comment below and maybe we can hangout sometimes. For more pet events or any events you want to attend just like Parkmall Manduae’s FB page.

loads of love 😘 –

i am marj2


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