Short Stay

Living a life full of hectic schedule, I tend to forget my love ones and that is one thing that I hate about myself right now because I don’t want to arrive at a time that I might regret something that I have done in the past. Even texting and calling them becomes seldom. My family lives in an island called Leyte, so I really can’t visit them often. I have relatives here in Cebu but I still don’t get to see them much often since I am under a scholarship that has rules to follow.

So when we had our boarding house, I came up to the decision that I should meet my beloved grandma once a week to make up for the times that I have not spent with her and make her experience things that she was not able to experience before and of course I want to be the one to make that happen. It makes me really happy you know, to bring her to places and eat foods we both have not yet seen and tasted. But you know most of the times, she would say “NO” and I have to make a lot of fuss just to make her do it HAHAHA. In the end I get to make her say “YES” but then she would comment “way lami”.. HAHAHAH so sad. Not all the time she likes what I’m doing or where I’m bringing her so after doing something that I like I ring her to what she likes most, the typical Filipino set up of food and place to eat.

After the PDB, we went home to Compostela with the permission of our educator. And after leaving our stuff at my great grandma’s house, we went directly to the new boulevard where lots of BBQ vendors can be seen and also fruit vendors. Since it is night time, there aren’t a lot of good stuff to take picture and also because the place is not yet finish but you can already enjoy the view at the end and relax while the sea breeze blows your hair (which I was not able to do because I’m so tired already).

So this is the typical set up of the BBQ vendors in the boulevard of Compostela

IMG_1266 IMG_1264 IMG_1265

Sorry for the really bad photos, just trying out the cam for night view.


Meet my grumpy grandma, she’s so hungry already just look at her HAHAHA



Our dinner for the night πŸ™‚

After dinner we went home and jump to our comfy beds.

Next day.

Before going to PDB, since it’s Sunday we woke up a little late but still manage to catch the first morning mass of the town’s church.

After attending mass, we went home directly and had breakfast. Then I decided to take a short swim at the sea at the back of the house. Yes, you got that. The back of our home in Compostela is already the sea πŸ™‚ Meaning we can take a swim whenever we want to. But before you scroll down I would like to apologize for the bad capture of images since I was really afraid to get my phone wet. And the sea at that time was quite not good, since there were trashes on some area since our part of the sea is not gated so the trashes from other parts of the sea floats towards us sorry. The weather was not sunny so it was on my positive side hehehehe.

goinghome1 goinghome2 goinghome3 goinghome4 goinghome5 goinghome6goinghome7 goinghome8 goinghome9 goinghome10 goinghome11

Gosh, it was freakin’ cold hahahaha

P.S. It’s really sad to see the ocean like that, I want to clean our part of the water but I can’t since I don’t go home much often. Just like what I stated above, my schedule is very hectic. But don’t worry my fellow environmentalist I promise if teh place if given to us I will really clean it and renovate the place. So pray with me guys. Thank you.

loads of love 😘 –

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