PDB Day 2: Last Day

Since this post is sooo late already, I’m just gonna put it in one blog post. But beware this might be a long one.

Because of me not going early (yeah only me cause everyone is so busy no one was their to be with me huhuhuhuh) since i went to home to Compostela, I was not able to get a freebie for that day. So sad huhuhu, anyway I just think of it as “give others a chance” so it won’t hurt that much. Since its the second day there weren’t a lot of people not like yesterday that it was almost over crowded so the bloggers were able to stroll around the bazaar without stopping by to take a pictures with a fan (well that what happened when I was there) but instead they took pictures of the stalls or booths they bought or found a linking of.

And because I was only there to see it for the last time and buy the things I have been eyeing the other day but was not able to buy it since I was on short with money.

And I don’t have that much photo unlike yesterday because no one was able to take a photo of me except this ones.


This was my outfit before I went to the bazaar. Sorry for my messy background 🙂


I bought my Shea butter soap here, Skin Potions Cebu and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Follow them on IG @skinpotions_cebu

jello12 hello15

OOHHH, yummy cakes 😛


Look Ever Belina even has a booth here and they have a free make-up tutorial

hello8 hello7 hello11

Yeey, I’m now a member of EB heheheh. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

hello10 hello6

Before and After 😛

Fast forward to evening. Around 2 PM, I received a text message saying I won an item from PDB hahaha Yeey, what a lucky day. I even had it screenshot because I still can’t believe it. You see, I was never a winner person so I guess my luck has changed. HAHAHAH

hello5 I guess this is the reason why I was not picked on the first day of raffle 🙂

Lesson: If it is for you then it will come to you in an unexpected way 🙂


So this is what I won a the gift of beauty. If I purchase any item fro the Bargain Philosophy (follow them on IG @bargainphilosophystore ) store I get PHP 100.00 off. Yeey !


So this are the over all item I bought that day plus the one I got a discount from Bargain Philosophy.


That ends my first Pop District Bazaar experience see you on their next bazaar and be prepared.

loads of love 😘 –

i am marj2


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