PDB Day 1 Part 3/5: Shop ’til you Drop

Sorry for the late blogpost, I got busy for a while plus I got sick and needed to have a medical check up plus my drafts got lost because I forgot to save again.

Anyway, enough of that. Going back to the continuation of my trip to PDB, it wouldn’t be complete without buying or shopping for myself. So the following photos I will show you are the stores where I bought the things that attracted me on that day that got my wallet a bohohoho. But I don’t care I love shopping 💜 💜 💜

First on the list are the freebies I got

IMG_1057 IMG_1054 freebies

The freebies are : Blackwater Soft Wet Look from Blackwater and Ever Belina Costmetics Inc. and GT Essential Facial Scrub from GT Cosmetics. (Yepey, I can’t wait to try em 🙂 )

The cuties that I bought that got me really sayin’ “I need that one” and “I got to have that!” 😂 😂 😂 You should have seen me that day, I look loco deciding to get that stuff or the other one because of the tight budget. Because of that, next bazaar I will surely prepare money for it so that I won;t be on the tight budget again.

IMG_1097 freebie1

I got this cute little charm bracelet’s from Chingkaling Creatives. Follow them in IG @chingkaling_creatives for more charm and dream catcher stuff.




Written in the yellow paper “Good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone #proud2bme”. Aww, how cute 🙂


I bought this Taylor Swift inspired top and skirt from Proud 2B ME now I’m Taylor ready 🙂




Since I have a very sensitive skin and I really got curious of this soap so I bought this. I got this HoneyMilk Soap from Dad’s Organic Farm.



I was not planning to buy this cute Batman notebook since I don’t know what to make use of it from. But when the blogger’s arrived, I have to get their autograph but didn’t have a notebook with me so I finally decided to buy one. But the truth is I really want the Harry Potter notebook but it was too expensive 😥 😥 😥 Maybe next time I guess. Anyway I bought this one at suw(h)at. You can also follow them on IG @suwhat_crafts or read their blogposts at www.suwhat.com .



paper hearts

Because, I was so attracted to this long sleeved blouse/shirt. I sacrificed my 1 week allowance for this. No beggie, anything for my love, clothes hehehehe. This one is from Paperhearts, they’ve got really cool collection you should see their online shop, you might see one that you liked at a very affordable price. Follow them on IG @1paperhearts.

That’s the end of my shopping for day 1. But there were also shops that has freebies or giveaways if you just fill in oyur name on their list like this one:


GrabTaxi gives 1 pouch for free when you write your name and other info in their list and download their app. Once finish you get to play on their games where you have to shot at list one ball through the whole once you shoot one you get the price written on the whole you shot. I was not able to win one cause huhuhu I’m not good at shooting 😦


And this free bag and pin came from THE SHOP.PH . An online shop where you can sell or buy goodies, just go to their website for more info.

Of course, my day would not be complete with all those shopping without food. I’m a big eater you know HAHAHA.. For our lunch we went to the food area outside the Pavilion on the side. There you can see food stalls lined up and also a eating area like Japanese style or picnic style kind of place.

IMG_1194 IMG_1195IMG_1200 IMG_1201IMG_1202

This is the dining area where the people can take their lunch. It’s so homey heheheh.


We had little lunch because I have little money left 😭 😭 😭 I was not able to be a pig that day. 

And that’s how the first half of my day went to. Are you ready for the next one ?? Meet and Greet with the all so famous bloggers. Yehey!!!

loads of love 😘 –

i am marj2


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