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Getting ready 😁 !

Pop District Bazaar : Discover Cebu in one big bazaar 😻 😻 😻

After reading my favorite blogger’s recent post last September 22, 2015 about a big bazaar that will happen here in Cebu, I said to myself that I really have to attend this one. By the way, my favorite blogger is Arisse De Santos. Go and visit her blog arissedesantos.com, I’m sure your gonna love her like I love her. She’s just so fabulous. Now going back, since I’m never been to a bazaar (now this bazaar is my first ever to attend to), I researched about it first hand after reading the info on the blog and followed the Pop District Instagram account. I saw on their account who was gonna come, what online stores and concessionaires are gonna come, who are the bloggers that will be present and most especially when, what time and where was the venue.

If you were not able to attend last weekend, go and follow them to see who were the bloggers that attended and what stores were there too and so that you get updated to their next event so you can join next time or just go to their website www.districtevents.co

(photo from the IG account of PDB)

After researching, I got really, really excited that I immediately look for my outfit that I will wear for the two day event. So this is what I decided to wear for day 1.

OOTD for Day 1
#OOTD for Day 1

Light Blue Violet Basic from Penshoppe; Stripe Grey and Pink Blouse from ; Flat Shoes from Follie

OOTD for Day 2
#OOTD for Day 2

Mint Green Jeans from True Love;Light Blue Violet Basic from Penshoppe; Black Sandals from Luz Marikina;

And the next day I got my ticket, there were many ways where one can get their ticket it can be through their online form for meet ups and others were from their partner stores or food chains. I got mine from Hala Paella! located at BTC(Banilad Town Center) since it is close from my boarding house.

By the way, if you have an IG acocunt you can follow me and I’ll follow you back 🙂

I got two(2) tickets because I decided to bring my Grandma on Sunday and my friend and fellow blogger Brettney (you can look up his/her blog on gibbtheallknowing.blogspot.com or brettethenoesis.wordpress.com). But in the end it didn’t go according to plan, you will wait and see why 🙂

And the day before the event my class on Saturday and Sunday announced that we will not meet, so hoooorrraaaayy for me!!!

Before this post ends, I want to share to you some tips for event like this.

  1. Be informed. Always know as early as possible f there will be upcoming events in your place; the details are the most crucial part of this and always make sure it fits with your schedule.
  2. Look for a company. Look for someone or a close friend that share the same passion as you towards event like this one. You will know how much enjoyable it is with someone and you will someone to take your photos too 🙂
  3. Secure ticket as early as possible. You will never know when they will run out of tickets or if they are having like discounts for early buyers.
  4. Lastly, prepare yourself and do not forget. Prepare everything: yourself, outfit and money.

I’m all set up now and ready to rumble. Now for PDB Day 1 🙂 🙂 🙂

loads of love 😘 –

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