Group 4 AIMS

Thesis Proposal: Group 4 AIMS

Every graduating student is required to have his or her own thesis or research project to enable for him or her to finally graduate. According to Googlethesis means a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree. Thesis can be done individually or by group depending on your instructor or course that you have taken up.In my case, it is by group since our thesis is is gonna be coded or put into action not just put into books since my course CCT-SD an acronym for Certificate in Computer Technology Major in Software Development (by the way, this course is only given to all scholars of PNP). Our thesis’ purpose in our course is to develop a system or software for the client that we choose and the system or software should solve the client’s problem.

And last September 19, 2015, was the day for us to propose to our dear panel, that were consist of our beloved instructors and department instructors, to approve our study or research for us to start coding. I was, I mean, we were all so nervous because the panel my approve or disapprove the proposal and if they do disapprove meaning we have to go back from the start in short go back to the client hunting, research, observation, documentation and etc. And it would be a capital OMG if that would happen. Our group should have been the 4th to present but since it was to be prioritized that the group with a client at present should be the first to present so our group was move to presenter #5. Because of the changed queue, our group has to wait ’til the afternoon to present and gosh was it so nerve-wracking watching other group took their time inside some coming out faster and some coming after 2 hours. Our group and the other group waiting outside was very fidgety that we thought of something to put our minds off from the current event and make ourselves feel relax. So what we did, I mean what they did is that they dance their stress and minds away I did not join cause I have two left feet.

Before I show you the video, I will show you first our group’s photos 🙂 🙂 🙂

Group4 AIMS
Group 4 AIMS : All Smiles

HAHAHAH, just look at my face. I look funny 😹 Honestly I’m not good with posing in font of the camera.

Group 4 AIMS
Group 4 AIMS : Wacky

I’m all WACKY in here HAHAHAHAH 😹

Group 4 AIMS
Group 4 AIMS: No Emotion

Guys, why so serious you know we can do this 🙂

Group 4 AIMS
Group 4 AIMS: Corporate

That ends our group photoshoot. Thanks Kuya G for the shots 😘

On me: Top from Metro Ayala Department Store; Skirt from P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Teens); Doll Shoes from Follie (All are bought in Metro Ayala Department Store)

Now for the video. Enjoy watching guys. Sorry for some unwanted noise and other stuff I wanted it to be original and not so edited 🙂 All hearts here XOXO – marj

P.S. Just don’t mind the text THE END in the first scene of the video; it’s not suppose to be there HAHAHAH.

Video from Youtube Channel Marjorie Castro

loads of love 😘 –

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