On the Wings Of Love

On the Wings of Love: Confession 😍

OOOOEEEEMMMMMGEEEEE 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍<3 ❤ ❤ ❤

I can’t breath, I need an OxyJAMES gawwwdd. James Reid is so kakakilig. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

I still can’t get over the abangan bukas of “On the Wings of Love”. Goooshhhh, I still have it on repeat in Youtube and since I’m still on the “kilig mood/mode” right now I thought I just have to right this on my blog.

First of all to be honest, I was not really a fan of JaDine cause I don’t see the point since I’m already a fan of KathNeil and I haven’t watch any of their movies before. And I was never a fan of watching night shows on tv since we don’t have TV, my roommates just watch TV on one of the phones they have that has TV. When the teleserye “On the Wings of Love” started, I thought it to be boring but still watched it since my friend who sits beside me at work watches it. Even though I thought at first that it would be boring I did not regret watching it and I’m so glad I decided to follow this especially now that the show is starting to fire up in the kilig factor (aaaaahhhh hahahahah 😹). And just like the saying goes don’t judge a book by it’s cover 😊 😊 . Yes, to start off it was kind of boring and not that interesting but as time goes by as the story starts rollin’ in there you will see why you should watch this show every single weekday and never miss it ever cause if you do can still watch it on youtube or you will miss half of your life(hahaha just kidding). I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow hahaha because I don’t have a phone with TV with me her.

By the way if you don’t know, On The Wings of Love according to Wikipedia is a 2015 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin, starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre in their first primetime television series. The romantic comedy centers around two different people — Leah, a simple girl with an American dream; and Clark, a boy living his American life — who are forced to marry in order to legally stay and continue working in the United States. To know more about the story just watch it on Abs-cbn weeknights after Pangako Sa’yo.

So here’s the youtube link of the teaser for tonight’s show. Enjoy watching guys and be kiligin to the higest level 😘 😘 😘

Video from Youtube

loads of love 😘 –

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